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Hi, I am Sunita

I am a Digital Marketing Expert,  Trainer & Mentor with  over 5 years of hands-on experience. My journey in the dynamic world of digital marketing has been driven by a passion for helping businesses thrive online. 

You can Book 1:1 mentorship session to learn more about digital marketing or consult to build and grow your own business. 

Sunita Shikari

Our Services

These are the services I provide

Social Media

Creating your content calender to giving you a viral social media growth with organic and paid strategies wil my responsility.


Helping you to build your website quality and gaining organic traffic through google bing and other search engines.


Helping you create a social base and marketing graphics along with written content for your website & advertisement is what i can do for you!

Google Ads

Helping you to boost your sales and revenue with the help of google advertisement is all I will doing.

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